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The I-171H! Finally!

Last Thursday (3/20), just as we were leaving on a trip, we got our I-171H in the mail! The I-171H is the result of USCIS (a.k.a. “INS”) processing the I-600A we sent in 10/30.

We’re ecstatic to finally have some movement here! We were smiling like idiots for about a day. There’s still a lot of waiting ahead, but this was especially galling as this part of the process normally takes 2 months or less instead of almost 5, but our local USCIS office was having various issues. Enough about that. Onward!

We have to redo our physicals and proof-of-employment documents — certain documents can’t be too old when they reach Kazakhstan or when we have our final court dates in Kazakhstan. Then we have a wait for everything to get translated and sent to Kazakhstan, and a wait for travel dates.

Our trip was to see my mom. I’m 44 and mom raised me in a different age. One thing we did was take her to a Babies “R” Us, mainly to prove that portable cribs really exist. It was the only way we could convince her that she didn’t need to buy a crib, playpen, etc. for us to visit. She showed us the clothes she’s already bought for the baby, even though we keep telling her we don’t know the age or size of the baby yet. 🙂 I’m an only child so this will be her first grandchild. This adoption is on her mind a little bit. 🙂

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Another Adoption Doctor Talk

Last night we went to another talk by Dr. Aronson. The topic was Attachment Disorder. I won’t go into detail about the disorder or the talk. I’ll just say that adoptive parents should look into it.

I really wanted to plug the organization that hosted this talk and the one we attended previously, JCCA. JCCA also did our home study and provides other adoption related services. (Our adoption agency is not close by, so we used JCCA for the home study.) JCCA is also hosting an all day adoption conference on April 6th that we will be attending. If anyone in the NYC area is considering adoption or in the process, check it out.

(To the person who confided a special interest: Go to the adoption conference with us. We’ll keep your secret.)

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