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I’m back-dating this post.  I forgot to blog about it earlier.

In May we went to Washington D.C. for the weekend.  The Kazakhstan embassy was having an open-house and Kazakhstan was also being represented at an Asian street festival the next day.

The open-house was massively overcrowded.  We picked up some travel info and some books.  We had some good conversations with other prospective adoptive parents (PAPs).  A folk group from Kazakhstan performed, but we couldn’t get near them.  Food was served but we couldn’t get near it. (Literally. It was jammed.)

One funny/sad/interesting thing I noticed was that while the folk group was performing, a couple of Kazakh kids squeezed through our section.  Most heads turned to watch them.  Was everybody there a PAP?

We eventually escaped the crush and had dinner with Keith and Jacquie, who commented to an earlier post.  They’re a couple of months ahead of us in the process and hoping for a little boy.  They live nearby and are using WPA too.

The next day we went to the street fair.  The same Kazakh folk group performed on a large stage and we had a good time.  We also got a bit of Kazakh food from the tent.

Overall we didn’t really learn enough about Kazakhstan to justify the trip, but we needed a weekend away anyway and it was fun.

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