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Special Delivery

Just the furniture 🙂

The baby’s room is painted and the furniture was delivered yesterday.  This is getting real!

(Those splotches on the walls are clouds.)

Unfortunately, the timetable news isn’t good.  We’re hoping to be assigned to a region in Kazakhstan in the next few weeks.  Then we’ll wait again, for an “invitation to travel”. Policy changes within Kazakhstan are slowing things down.  The bottom line is that we’re probably 6 months away from bringing home baby.

Also, we may not get the gender we were requesting.  Apparently, we picked the popular one and those are hard to get now.  We’re getting used to that idea.  It doesn’t matter that much.  It’s just that since we could choose, we’ve had this picture in our heads.  Hey!  If we were getting a child the usual way, it would be random!

We’re lucky that we’re as far along in the process as we are, because things are much worse for people who haven’t gotten their dossier through the Kazakhstan consulate or embassy in the US.  They’ve cut back drastically on the number of dossiers they process per month.  The total time is going to be much worse for those following us.

In fact, we’re told that a lot of countries are cutting back on (outbound) international adoptions and that the numbers coming into the US are falling fast.  (There were 30,000 international adoptions into the US in 2003, less than 14,000 this year, less than 7,000 projected for 2010.)  Some countries, including Kazakhstan, are raising their standards of living so there are fewer parents who can’t raise their children.  They are also campaigns to increase local adoption in some countries.

So we wait.

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